Chiropractic Testimonials

"I suffer from a herniated disk at my 6th cervical vertebrae. The injury causes headaches, constant neck, and shoulder pain, and an overall reduced quality of life. Since seeing Dr. Ferris my health has improved considerably. Shockwave therapy helped target the most inflamed tissue in my neck and shoulder and alleviate the symptoms. Regular adjustments and decompression have helped treat the injury and improve my quality of life. I am very satisfied with my care."

- Ivan L.

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Jeremy for a year now and he has helped me in ways that other chiropractors have not! I came in with chronic neck and back pain due to sports injuries. My movement was very limited, and I was having constant headaches. Ever since my first visit, the headaches have gone away. Dr. Jeremy will assess your situation and has a solution to naturally better your health. Consistency has been crucial in overcoming all of the tension in my body, which has led to continued progress. The staff is wonderful, Sarah and Deanne always are great to work with and will work with your schedule to accommodate. I highly recommend Health Connections!"

- Isaiah D.

"Dr. Jeremy has been instrumental in my care over the past two years. I had a bad basketball accident in my teens that screwed up my neck and back. I’ve seen numerous chiropractors and PTs through the years but nothing has yielded any constant results. Jeremy has changed that. He listens, relates, and cares, yet more importantly has helped my pain and discomfort. He knows what works and executes it. I would recommend Dr. Jeremy to anybody.

- Alex P.

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